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Progress Updates

Figured it was time for a new ‘progress updates’ post instead of just editing the old one =P

If the links to stuff don’t work, please let me know~! I just updated the one to the rest of the translations so it should be fine… here. These are the rough drafts, in various states of editing. All I ask is that you don’t take credit for my translations… I’m done with 342 and now I can’t find 343 (Champion 2015 issue 15) and forward anywhere. The most recent one is 21+22 so I’m a bit behind, but I can’t bring myself to skip a chapter…Weekly raws from here (or randomly googled for) and volume raws from here. 

Since mediafire is being annoying, just in case, I’ve made a folder on mega with all the volumes and spare bike chapters. Passwords are either the same as in the original post or non-existent. Files are unchanged though.

I’ve added a place to discuss spoilers and stuff!

-155 – complete
-156 – complete
-157 – complete
-158 – complete
-159 – complete
-160 – complete
-161 – complete
-162 – complete
-163 – translated


Finished: v09  –   v10   –   v11   – v12   –   v13   –   v14   –   v15   –   v16   –   v17   –   v18 
Extras: OVA   –   Spare Bike 01   –   03-04

Yowamushi Pedal v19

Yeah, still here…slow and steady, ok? XD

In case you haven’t checked yet, I’ve got translations up to c338 up, and am searching desperately for c339 =P At this point, it will probably be faster to just wait for the next volume (v40!!)

No password because laziness: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5lb5rzbcb4a8amc/Yowamushi_Pedal_v19.rar

Notes included in the volume and linked here


Yowamushi Pedal v18

Whoooo! It’s done! I like this volume. I’m sure most (if not all) of you have read it by now, but this volume (well, a specific chapter in this volume) makes me cry. T.T (Akiraaaaaaa)

No password because I forgot and I was too lazy to re-do it. XD


Notes: HERE (or at LJ) and also included in the release

So, I’ve also taken the chance to test something. A lot of you want me to release just the translations (I might). But first, I wanted to ask if this is a good idea or not (see the pdf included with the volume). I’ve got a list of pros and cons in my head so I thought I’d ask instead. The other option is just releasing the straight up text. That is, IF I decide to release the translations, which is not yet decided. Please let me know! m(_ _)m

Yowamushi Pedal v17

And after an unusually long wait…it’s finally done!! XD Sorry for the wait~ m(_ _)m I’m sure many of you have already read ahead, but as I’ve said before, I’m gonna keep going anyway (I like this series too much to stop now…)

In (sort of) unrelated news, I’ve finally gotten my copies of Yowa v1-10 and 33, 34 (I’ll be working on collecting the rest of that ^o^) and the Maki-Toudou novel Futari no Yakusoku (which makes me realize how reliant on furi I’ve become XD)



notes here or here

Not a lot of notes this time so it sort of devolved into random commentary >_> (with real notes mixed in…). Still a file included in the vol tho!

password: zombies

Yowamushi Pedal v16

And here’s the next volume! I normally don’t do the volume extras other than brief summaries in my notes (it’s just so hard to read his handwriting sometimes! >_<) but I did this time! You’ll see why when you get there…

Enjoy, everyone! ^o^


pw: origins

Notes: here or LJ (I’ve also included a doc with the release thanks to someone’s suggestion)

Yowamushi Pedal v15

Thanks for waiting guys~

I have news! ^o^ I am no longer working alone!! XD Well, I did have help with v14 but now there are even more people helping! ^0^ I also want to thank everyone who offered to help (and I was really surprised at how many people offered!!) m(_ _)m

Anyway~ enjoy! This is the first volume we’ve done as a group =D. Now that I don’t have to worry about the difficult stuff, I can focus on translating XD

I feel like I’ve said this for the past however many volumes, but this one has some of my favorite parts as well! (ok, tbh, my “favorite part”? Yeah, all of it. And by “it” I mean the manga, not the volume *fail*)

NEW LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/?ui3ki5xdy75iaz4

no password, but it would have been demonbunny =P

Notes: here and LJ

Yowamushi Pedal v14

This volume always makes me laugh (hysterically. Especially 117 and 118. Sorry for the random commentary and crazy babbling in the notes >_>). Also, it totally proves that Onoda’s eyes have some sort of magical power that makes it impossible for anyone to say no to him >_>

I was going to say I’d release it by midnight (for my time zone). But then I remembered it’s DST. So would that make it 1 am? ………anyway, enjoy~


password: himenanoda

Notes: here and at LJ